Taking a team-based approach to wealth management

Our Team

At Seaside Wealth Management, our mission – in fact, our passion – is to provide superior personal service and outstanding financial planning for our clients.  Our clients understand the value of independent investment advice.
Guided by our core values, we provide clarity, insight, and partnership so you can achieve your goals and have financial peace.

Brad Lineberger, CFP®, ChFC®, AIF®, CWS Brad Lineberger, CFP®, ChFC®, AIF®, CWS


As President and Founder of Seaside Wealth Management, Brad Lineberger has created a unique, comprehensive wealth management firm that provides unbiased guidance and robust financial planning for individuals, families and small businesses. Brad helps his clients in clarifying their goals, navigating the issues that impact their finances and in creating financial peace for their future in retirement. Read More

Tina Vieregg, CFP® Tina Vieregg, CFP®

Wealth Manager

Tina Vieregg is a Wealth Manager at Seaside Wealth Management. She leverages her industry experience and technology background to ensure that financial plans and client engagement are optimal. What Tina enjoys most about her job is meeting the changing needs and goals of our clients. Read More

Matt Callahan, CFP®, ChFC® Matt Callahan, CFP®, ChFC®

Wealth Manager

Matt Callahan is a Wealth Manager at Seaside Wealth Management. He has an extensive background in financial planning which includes a focus on investment management and portfolio construction. Matt has found his passion which is helping people, and their families achieve their financial goals. Read More

Al McKendrick, CFP® Al McKendrick, CFP®

Wealth Manager

Al McKendrick is a Wealth Manager at Seaside Wealth Management. Al has been in the business for 56 years, and earned his CFP® designation in 1995. Al loves being “on the same side of the table” as his clients. Becoming a fee only advisor many years ago has been very rewarding. He is passionate about helping his clients find peace with their finances. Read More

Vanessa Lineberger Vanessa Lineberger

Director of Marketing

Vanessa Lineberger is the Director of Marketing at Seaside Wealth Management; Vanessa pays attention to all the details involved in planning our events to ensure our clients have a great experience. Read More

Jerri Hammons, AIF® Jerri Hammons, AIF®

Client Services Associate

Jerri Hammons is our Client Service Associate at Seaside Wealth Management. Jerri’s focus is on building quality relationships with our clients and their families. As the Client Service Associate, Jerri will be managing all account related service requests like opening new accounts, account transfers and processing deposits and withdrawals. Read More

Stephanie Page Stephanie Page

Administrative Assistant

Stephanie Page is our Administrative Assistant and Front of House at Seaside Wealth Management. She delights clients with her positive attitude and service-oriented approach. From scheduling appointments and greeting clients to maintaining a warm and welcoming environment, she ensures that clients have a great experience. Read More

Stacy Rupert Stacy Rupert

Administrative Assistant

Stacy Rupert is our Administrative Assistant and supports the office by greeting clients, preparing correspondence, client scheduling and preparing for client meetings. Stacy also works on marketing efforts and helps plan special client events. She enjoys being part of a team dedicated to serving our clients and ensuring they have a great experience. Read More

Our Core Values


We are committed to understanding what is most important to you personally and financially, so we can work in close partnership to help you get from where you are today to where you want to be years, even decades from now. This is why we focus on building long-term relationships with every client.


We believe that the advice you receive should never be compromised. As independent financial advisors, we have an ethical and legal duty to put our clients first. We also believe it is important to treat every client the way we want to be treated.


As your situation changes and evolves, we communicate with you regularly to make sure your plan keeps pace and stays on track. We pride ourselves on being responsive and proactive with phone calls, emails, in-person reviews and educational events.



We are committed to constantly improving. Our goal is to provide you with the absolute best financial planning and client experience possible.

Clarity | Insight | Partnership

We provide you with clarity, helping you understand the things you should plan for, the things you should be concerned about and the things that you shouldn’t.

We provide you with insight, based on our experience and knowledge of investing and how markets work, as well as how best to achieve your goals.

We work as your partner, providing you with counsel on an ongoing basis and are a valuable resource as you make the best use of your financial resources to lead a fulfilling life.

Put the Seaside Experience to work for you.